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Located in the heart of Fulton, Missouri, the Institute for Ethical Leadership & Character is primed to meet the complex challenges of our world through our dynamic students. From the erosion of ethical standards in organizations and the ever-changing political landscape to the consequences of climate change and global inequities, our students stand ready, as leadership is not about knowing, it is about doing. Come shape a revolution, an Ethical Revolution, for your future, your organization, and our world today!

Purpose, Promises, & Prospectus

The Institute for Ethical Leadership & Character at William Woods University is primed to meet the complex challenges of our world through our dynamic students, faculty, staff, and partners.


To shape a future where our individuals, organizations, and collective community lead with unwavering integrity, empathy, and character.


Our promises reflect our values in action setting the foundation for the critical work that we do, as we disrupt traditional leadership learning, one successful student at a time.

1.     We promise to fully commit to your success and reflect your true potential

2.     We promise to view ourselves, organizations, and the diverse fields of leadership critically and truthfully

3.     We promise to promote everyday inclusion and create a culture that people never want to leave 

4.     We promise to be fully present as we advance change for a better world


A collective of ethical leaders who, shaped by our unwavering dedication to nurturing leadership capacity and character, unite as a powerful catalyst for positive change throughout our shared world. 

The secret to your success

Our award-winning faculty bring diverse talents, perspectives, and a wealth of real-world experience into every classroom conversation.


Faculty members are selected for their expertise in their respective fields, often holding advanced degrees and receiving recognition for their outstanding contributions.


Not only in traditional terms but also in the professional and personal experiences. Inclusion enriches classroom discussions by providing students with a wide range of perspectives and insights.

Practical Application

Bringing real-world experience into the classroom. Many instructors have practical industry experience, enabling them to bridge theoretical concepts with practical applications, preparing students for the challenges they may encounter in their future careers.

interactive environment

Faculty actively foster an engaging and interactive classroom environment where students are encouraged to participate in discussions, share their perspectives, and learn from the experiences of both their peers and instructors.


Dive into the realm of ethical leadership—a task that has the power to craft a better world for us all. Begin by uncovering the hurdles and chances that pave the way for transformative change.

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Ethical Leadership Program

Ethical leaders are the architects of a thriving environment, cultivating powerful relationships that unleash the full potential of individuals. Armed with profound self-awareness, an expert grasp of group dynamics, and a mastery of organizational effectiveness strategies, they don’t just lead – they ignite unparalleled success and growth. Become the catalyst for positive change, where leadership is not just a role but a transformative force.

The Master of Arts (M.A.) in Ethical Leadership Program

COMING SOON – In the face of unparalleled challenges, the world beckons for leaders who not only navigate change but ignite innovation. Seize the opportunity to be the architect of a transformed future, where your leadership isn’t just adaptive – it’s revolutionary. The challenges are vast, but so is your potential to make an enduring impact. Are you ready to lead the way? If so, the MA in Ethical Leadership is for you!

Bachelor of Science in Leadership

COMING SOON – In a world grappling with unprecedented challenges, the call for adaptive leadership and the mastery of innovation and change echoes louder than ever before. Are you ready to rise to the occasion and be the force that reshapes the future?  If so, The Bachelor of Science in Leadership is for you!

Projects & Partnerships

In our dynamic world, leaders face challenges in fostering innovation and collaboration. Current education systems often lack the emphasis on interdisciplinary thinking needed for this task. The key lies in cultivating collaborative projects and partnerships that align academia, industry, and communities. This approach empowers individuals to drive positive change, shaping a future where innovation and collaboration become transformative forces.

Project CLEAR

Project Charlie

Project NLERA

Project Delphi

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