Collaborative Online Learning: Project Charlie partners with the Charlie Life & Leadership Academy to offer visually appealing and engaging online leadership courses.

Diverse Student Focus: The curriculum includes 21 courses, leading to micro-credentials, tailored for diverse student populations.

First-Year Experience Highlight: The project is a significant component of the First-Year Experience program.

Versatile Integration: Project Charlie’s leadership content supplements academic courses, guides student organization officers, and enriches the character development of NAIA student-athletes.

Project Charlie is a collaborative partnership with the Charlie Life & Leadership Academy to create visually stunning and highly engaging online leadership learning for diverse student populations. The curriculum provides 21 courses leading to micro-credentials that align with the competencies and skill sets that employers need most. The project’s leadership content guidesand supplements academic courses, informs student organization officers’ practice, cultivates character for our NAIA student-athletes, and is a hallmark of the First-Year Experience program.

Projects & Partnerships

In our dynamic world, leaders face challenges in fostering innovation and collaboration. Current education systems often lack the emphasis on interdisciplinary thinking needed for this task. The key lies in cultivating collaborative projects and partnerships that align academia, industry, and communities. This approach empowers individuals to drive positive change, shaping a future where innovation and collaboration become transformative forces.

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Project Charlie

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