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About the adventure

In a world grappling with unprecedented challenges, the call for adaptive leadership and the mastery of innovation and change echoes louder than ever before. Are you ready to rise to the occasion and be the force that reshapes the future?  If so, The Bachelor of Science in Leadership is for you!

Benefits of the experience

The Bachelor of Science in Leadership will equip you with the ethical prowess to tackle the world’s challenges. Tailored for passionate students, this program goes beyond the ordinary, offering experiential learning in real-world settings through progressive problem-solving curriculum. Graduates emerge with exceptional self-awareness, problem-solving skills, and the ability to navigate diverse organizations.

What makes the opportunity stand out

Combining humanities, social sciences, business, research methods, and technology, our program prepares you for success in complex professional environments. Choose from on-campus or distance learning to ensure accessibility while embracing innovative learning opportunities that are anything but traditional. Elevate your leadership journey today and make a meaningful impact on our world.

Graduates are selected for diverse professional opportunities in the following fields:

  • Management positions in corporate, non-profit, government, education, healthcare, and community development organizations
  • Human resource development, organizational development, and talent management positions
  • Consulting and process improvement positions (e.g. Accenture, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, etc.)
  • Upward mobility for career paths in Public Safety and Service (e.g. Fire, Police, EMS, Disaster Management, Corrections, etc.)
  • Foundation for advanced degrees at the Master and Doctoral levels

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