Grant-Funded Initiative: Project CLEAR collaborates with Missouri’s Department of Higher Education to promote entrepreneurial thinking and leadership.

Educational Support: Scholarships are provided for students from these counties to attend William Woods University.

Local Collaboration: The program involves close collaboration with local governments and community organizations.

Holistic Approach: Project CLEAR aims to produce tangible innovations and industries for under-resourced areas in Missouri.

Project CLEAR (Creating Leadership Entrepreneurship Action and Response) is a grant-funded project in collaboration with the Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development to stimulate entrepreneurial thinking and leadership aimed at the economic viability of the most under-resourced and socially vulnerable counties across Missouri. The project provides students from these counties with scholarships to attend William Woods University, participate in entrepreneurial and leadership workshops, work closely with the local governments and community organizations from their home counties, and produce real-world initiatives, innovations, and industries that align with economic stimulus and sustainability for the counties across Missouri that need it most.

Projects & Partnerships

In our dynamic world, leaders face challenges in fostering innovation and collaboration. Current education systems often lack the emphasis on interdisciplinary thinking needed for this task. The key lies in cultivating collaborative projects and partnerships that align academia, industry, and communities. This approach empowers individuals to drive positive change, shaping a future where innovation and collaboration become transformative forces.

Project CLEAR

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