Groundbreaking Initiative: Project Delphi pioneers a national effort to address challenges in university Leadership Education Programs.

Quality Enhancement: Led by researchers at William Woods University, a Delphi study identifies distinguished leadership programs, aiming to elevate the overall quality of these programs.

Impactful Research: Currently under review, the findings are expected to contribute to academic literature, providing insights to enhance Leadership Education Programs.

Strategic Implications: The study’s identification of specific programs and characteristics offers valuable guidance for modeling and strategically developing programs that cultivate impactful leadership learners.

Project Delphi is the first of its kind nationally. Leadership Education Programs (LEPs) are faced with a myriad of competing priorities as they attempt to meet student demand and enrollment-based revenue generation metrics at many universities. This creates the potential for substandard quality. To meet this challenge researchers at William Woods University (Dr. Katie Friesen, Dr. Tony Andenoro, and Dr. Clint Ramirez Stephens) in conjunction with a dynamic team of graduate students conducted a Delphi study aimed at the identification of distinguished leadership programs and their distinguishing characteristics grounded in consensus. While publications are currently under review and in press, the team’s findings create a trajectory for academic LEPs aimed at the promotion of quality. This study creates broad implications for the field of Leadership Education through the identification of specific programs and characteristics to model, and ultimately, the emergence of strategic considerations for the development of programs producing leadership learners capable of creating change in our world.

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In our dynamic world, leaders face challenges in fostering innovation and collaboration. Current education systems often lack the emphasis on interdisciplinary thinking needed for this task. The key lies in cultivating collaborative projects and partnerships that align academia, industry, and communities. This approach empowers individuals to drive positive change, shaping a future where innovation and collaboration become transformative forces.

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